Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares - Inside Job 3 - Men at Play
After several sexual harassment claims filed against him Landon Conrad is quietly suspended from his position at the bank, and is replacement Mr Trenton Ducati takes his place at his desk. However Trenton is experienced enough to know that he can’t make it in a new company without an inside man, and he calls in Jessy Ares to see if he’s ambitious enough to fulfil the position on offer. And Jessy proves he’s more than man enough for the job by showing off his excellent deep-throathing skills right there on his new desk, before pounding his muscle ass with his rock hard dick. This final episode in the Inside Job mini-series ends with the strongest pairing of them all.
Chris Bines & Grant - Randy Blue
Chris Bines pounds into Grant and devirginizes his tight hole
Chris Bines & Grant - Randy Blue
Chris Bines pounds into Grant and devirginizes his tight hole
Grant has never bottomed before. But he loves taking on a challenge. He is always the life of the party, and when a new opportunity comes along he is going to jump at it. Chris has bottomed a lot lately. He complained to me that he never gets to top. So Grant suddenly chimed in and said that he would bottom. I asked him if he had ever done it before. Grant said no, but he thought Chris was hot, so why not give it a shot. I was not sure if it would even go in, since Chris is so thick. Chris asked for me to give them a couple of minutes.
I walked in five minutes later, and there was Chris, deep inside of Grant. I started freaking out, grabbing my camera and making sure that I got every hot moment on film. Chris took it easy at first, but finally the initial pains of his ass being stretched out turned into pure pleasure. Chris started to fuck Grant hard. They sucked, rimmed, and fucked some more. Grant was hungry for cock and Chris was glad to oblige.
Chris felt so good inside of Grant that he had to bust. Grant wanted it in his mouth. And as Grant ate down that load he busted too. Grant came and it hit Chris right on his ass. The wild frenzy was over. They collapsed into each other and started making out. I turned the camera off and realized that I was about to collapse too. Watching Grant get his cherry popped was fucking hot.
Joey Rico & Vincent Smith - Part 1 - SD Boy
Joey Rico and Vince Smith are back with us today on and waste no time getting down to it. Both of these boys are ready to go and hit it off right from the start. Joey can’t wait to plug Vincent’s ass with his “pinga.”
Having started out on the couch with some hot kissing, Vincent gets down to business and puts his oral skills to work sucking and licking Joey’s cock and balls. With his own cock rock hard and Joey ready to get give Vincent a ride, Vincent straddles Joey and rocks his cock! The cameraman zooms in on the action and I love how Vincent’s big balls flop in the breeze along with his hard cock while riding Joey. Not only is the action getting me excited, watch and listen to Joey!
Sands of Time - Kristen Bjorn
Directed by Strongboli
Jalil and Donato have an open relationship, which they enjoy by playing fun sex games! Meanwhile in the forest, Abel and Robin are attracted to a mysterious stranger, and they decide to track him down in order to have their way with him!
Gregg Homme - One Night Stand - Part 2
Model: Phil Fusco
Igor - Dominic Ford
Igor’s solo is the newest addition to our Poland series. This hot European shows us how they jerk off in Poland.
Michal Gets a Helping Hand - Dominic Ford
What’s not to love about Michal? He’s uncut, muscular, and good-looking. We were worried that he wouldn’t want to film with us, but he jumped at the opportunity. Michal gets a rub down from our friend in Poland, and then works himself up to a creamy finish!

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Antonio Aguilera & Damien Crosse - Stag Homme

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